Wealth overviews and administrative assistance in wealth management for wealthy families and investment advisers


Assure Wealth provide services for many wealthy families and their investment advisers.

We serve private well-wishers with day-to-day overview of risk, returns and total wealth across securities, deposits, bank accounts, unlisted investments and private equity.

Assure Wealth also helps several wealthy families with administrative tasks related to their assets,
also known as family office service.

Assure Wealth's Family Office service includes:

  • ongoing coordination and communication with accountants, banks and, if needed, investment advisers about any business relating to your portfolio
  • bill and VAT payments plus payroll
  • We handle your bookkeeping - see how
  • We're doing control of your fortune. This ensures, among other things, that the investment framework you have agreed is respected and that there are no errors in commissions or exchange rates

Get answers to the 7 typical family office service questions

Some of the general questions that recur when talking to private wealthy people are:

  • Do I have the best setup for my wealth?
  • Do I pay a reasonable price for the management of my wealth?
  • Do I get reasonable returns on my investments and are they sound?

Assure Wealth is not your investment advisers, but we are happy to discuss general investment matters with you and explain the contexts, structures and concepts of the market so that you can make the decisions that match your needs.


There's no such thing as
a right or wrong setup for handling your wealth. That's our philosophy and that's why
we support any business partners you may have.

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