Easy bookkeeping of fortunes - here are the benefits of digital wealth accounting


You could put it briefly:
Making manual accounting of fortunes is time-consuming, costly and increases the risk of error registrations.

At Assure, we support private wealth holders, foundations, insurance companies and utilities with digital asset accounting.

If you are responsible for a large fortune, then you know that a quite significant bookkeeping task comes with it.

As the holder of a property, you are obliged to record each transaction in the portfolio. Revaluation, exchange adjustment and currency adjustment are also mandatory posting tasks for every purchase and sale of securities.

Posting must be consistent for the entire securities portfolio, and this can be challenging when you typically have a number of asset managers associated with it from which you must collect the relevant accounting data.

Digital bookkeeping of fortunes saves time and resources

If you outsource the bookkeeping task to Assure, we will establish data access to your asset managers and retrieve the relevant bookkeeping data directly from them.

We load data into the Portman portfolio management system in a format that can be transferred directly to your financial system – e.g. Navision or e-conomic.

As a result, your posting data is always reconciled. There is no backlog of documentation that you must have obtained by a month's end or a year-end.

Benefits of digital wealth accounting

  • Digital bookkeeping is not person-dependent. As an Assure bookkeeping customer, you get a team that works with asset data in a streamlined, digital, standardized setup. This means you don't have to rely on someone who has set up your bookkeeping manually.
  • With digital accounting, you can easily change asset managers. You don't have to worry about making changes in your accounting program - Assure takes care of that seamlessly and automatically. This gives you the freedom to choose the asset managers you want to work with.
  • Digital wealth accounting makes management reporting and bookkeeping stick together 1:1 – it provides optimal decision-making basis for management if you represent a foundation, family office or other company that manages a large fortune.

Digital wealth accounting provides flexible auditor service and proper tax base

  • With digital bookkeeping, you don't have to piece together documentation when the auditor closes the company's financial year. Assure provides full documentation for all posted data and communicates directly with the auditor if you wish.
  • Digital accounting provides transparency. You save a portion of your controller and accountant costs. Data from Assure's system is consistent across your portfolio, no matter how complex it is. This reduces the time spent by the accountant and ensures a correct tax base for your assets.
  • If you have unrestricted funds in foreign banks, you are responsible for reporting to the Danish tax authorities. This is typically done via your accountant With Assure's bookkeeping tool, the accountant has a uniform data basis where we have performed the controlling task. This facilitates the reporting of your foreign activities and minimizes the risk of errors.

How to get easy wealth posting

It's easy to outsource your bookkeeping to Assure:

We meet and agree together what your chart of accounts should look like to suit the activities of your company.

We have data access to 35 banks in Denmark and abroad, so the only thing we then need to be able to serve you with accounting is that you give us access to your data with the asset managers you work with.

Then you'll have smooth and time-saving bookkeeping. You also get access to Assure's unique reporting tool, which provides consolidated reports of your portfolio across asset managers and banks. This gives you a complete overview of your assets

Please contact us if you would like to hear more about how we can handle your accounting on a standardised data basis.


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