Automatic securities reporting, securities management outsourcing and controlling for utilities


Utility companies benefit from Assure's solutions. Our setup makes it easy to collect data for ongoing management reporting and risk management of the total portfolio managed by the utility.

As a utility customer of Assure, you can generate professional reports at all levels of the portfolio - exactly when you need them. We also serve utilities with reports that analyze inventory.

Assure's reports are thus an effective management and governance tool, so that the executive board and board of directors have an overview of the total portfolio and its impact on the company's key figures at all times.

For example, Assure's ESG reporting provides an easy overview of how the portfolio currently aligns with the company's sustainable investment goals.


Niels Brøndsted, CFO of Jysk Energi

"Assure's wealth reporting gives us the overview we need"


Outsourcing of utilities' securities management


Some utility companies outsource securities administration to Assure.

Assure provides a single accounting basis for the entire portfolio. We ensure automatic loading of transactions into the utility company's financial system. We also offer automatic reconciliation of the bookkeeping in the financial system.

By outsourcing their securities management, utilities' securities management process is digitalised. This is a great administrative time-saver for your utility's accounting department.

Controlling and accounting of utilities' securities

Assure provides utilities with securities controlling, brokerage and currency exchange services. We also check investment limits.

In addition, we offer our expert knowledge of managing and controlling securities to utilities' accounting and controlling functions.

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