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Assure A/S joins forces with Assure Fondsmæglerselskab A/S to offer independent wealth management and reporting


Assure A/S and Assure Fondsmæglerselskab A/S merge. Thus, the first Danish company that offers both 100 percent impartial investment advice and consolidated wealth reporting is a reality.

With effect from January 1, 2023, the companies Assure A/S, which specializes in wealth reporting, and Assure Fondsmæglerselskab A/S will be merged under common ownership. This paves the way for the growing group of Danes who want more out of their investments with impartial wealth management and low costs - and not least a unified reporting of their complex wealth across their various banks and asset managers.

The merger is based on strong demand from customers in both companies.
Assure's customers are increasingly demanding advice in connection with the management of their assets based on the knowledge and transparency that the total asset overview provides. At the same time, Assure Fondsmæglerselskabet's customers demand reporting solutions that give them a comprehensive overview of their portfolio across managers and asset types.

CEO of Assure, Klaus Breitenstein elaborates:

"At Assure, we provide wealth reporting and family office administrative solutions for customers with complex wealth structures. We find that many customers also want impartial expertise to invest in cost-effective securities portfolios within the listed universe because it increases return opportunities. We have not been able to fulfill this until now. With Assure Fondsmæglerselskab facilitating portfolios with ETFs and index funds, we can help our customers 360 degrees with asset management, monitoring and reporting. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for Assure and Assure Fondsmæglerselskab to join forces."

Better bottom line for investors

According to Rune Wagenitz Sørensen, CEO of Assure Fondsmæglerselskab, the new constellation offers several advantages for Assure Fondsmæglerselskab's customers.

"By joining forces with a specialist company that reports returns of DKK 140 billion for their customers, we gain access to unique expertise and the infrastructure that Assure has built up, so we can offer customers a comprehensive overview across their banks. We are strengthening the foundation so that even more Danes can benefit from index investing, which is the obvious choice for all investors," he says and adds:

"The banks won't willingly give Danes lower costs so they can keep more of their returns, but we will! What we are now creating together with Assure is a single entity that matches investors' total wealth management and reporting needs."

In the new company, Assure Fondsmæglerselskabet's customers will, in addition to the possibility of consolidated reporting, also be able to use Assure's Multi Family Office and thus outsource the administrative tasks associated with their assets.

Both current organisations are retained. The only change is joint ownership through a common holding company. The merger is subject to approval by the FSA. This is expected to happen before the end of the year.

All current activities and business lines will continue unchanged in the two companies.

Who are the two companies?

Assure Fondsmæglerselskab A/S provides asset management and advice to Danish investors. Assure Fondsmæglerselskab works independently of banks, pension companies and financial products, and does not receive any commission and has no income from trading in securities. Assure Fondsmæglerselskab is remunerated solely by the customer.
Assure Fondsmæglerselskab manages DKK 6 billion for more than 600 Danish customers.
Established in 2012 and received a stockbroker license in 2013. The company has 10 employees in Søborg.

Assure A/S serves private wealth holders with assets of more than DKK 100 million as well as foundations, utility companies, family offices, insurance companies and companies with consolidated wealth reporting. In addition, Assure is a joint family office for private wealth holders.

The reporting, which provides a comprehensive overview of assets, risks and returns regardless of the complexity of the assets, is based on automatic data collection from 35 banks in Denmark and abroad.

Assure was established in 2014 and currently employs 21 people. Reports total assets of DKK 140 billion.

Contacts for more info:

Klaus Breitenstein, CEO Assure
Phone 53 54 49 70

Rune Wagenitz Sørensen, CEO Assure Fondsmæglerselskab
Phone +45 20 88 79 95


Rune Wagenitz Sørensen, CEO of Assure Fondsmæglerselskab (left) and Klaus Breitenstein, CEO of Assure